1. What is meant by the term ‘Heat ‘n’ Serve’ ?

This means that the products have been flash fried ready to be fully cooked as detailed in the cooking instructions on the product carton.

2. Does Maitre De Foods sell direct to the retail market ?

No. Maitre De Foods sells product direct to the wholesale market, which in turn breaks down bulk buys for sale to the retail market. A retail food service business seeking Maitre De Foods products is invited to contact the business for information about the names/contacts of local wholesalers.

3. Is the GST applied on the purchase of Maitre De Foods products ?


4. What is the shelf life of the Maitre De Foods products ?

All frozen products from date of packaging are labelled with a best before date of twelve months.

5. Are Maitre De Foods chicken products from halal approved processing ?

Maitre De Foods purchases all its raw chicken product from Hazeldenes which is a Halal Certified processor under accreditation standards applied by the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils Inc.




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